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EDE on Zaurus

Yes, EDE works on Zaurus too! Congratulations to team, who ported it. More details with screenshots, documentation and download links you can find at OESF forum.

1.1 is released

After a year from 1.0.4, we are happy to announce a new release. It comes with a lot of changes, following release of efltk to version 2.0.6. Details about both can be found in their changelogs ede and efltk.

All files can be downloaded from our download section.


RFC for 1.1 version

On forum is placed some sort of mini pool for the next version. See it and leave some comments. At least we will know in which part to focus most.

Small update, repository switch, etc.

Time to refresh news section :). We switched to Subversion as repository management tool giving us what we missed in cvs and most important, less nagging of sourceforge staff for repository fixes and cleanups. All cvs history is preserved so if you need something done before, feel free to look at it. Details about usage, browsing, etc. can be found at download page.

There has been small changes to this site too, with possibility to be continued. So if you find some odd behaviors on some of pages, it means someone is working on it :). Logo

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